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International Food Day is always a highlight on the social calendar for Utilitywise Prague and 2018 did not disappoint. This was our best turnout ever with 30 dishes from around the world. There was plenty of food and everyone had the opportunity (multiple opportunities in fact) to enjoy the delicacies. Colleagues kindly donated their time and money in preparing their food and you could  taste the generosity. The care in presentation and quality was second to none.

Steven Yeats, who works on our HomeAway program, was our special guest chef and he contributed his award winning BBQ skills. He won the ribs category in the UK national BBQ competition in 2011 and his pulled pork and homemade BBQ sauce was definitely a favourite amongst our colleagues. The event raises money for the Klokanek Children’s Home (Prague 8) and this year we raised more Czech crowns than in any previous year – 12 328CZK! We couldn’t be more proud of the generosity shown by everyone here at Utilitywise Prague and on behalf of the children in Klokanek, thank you all very much.

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