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We sat down with our Site Trainer, Damian Paklos, to discuss his career at Utilitywise Prague so far and why he is building his career with us.

Tell us about your role here at Utilitywise Prague?

I’m the head of the training department and take care of all of the training of agents and junior management. My time is spent developing soft skills, technology skills, communication coaching, steps of the sale, and call calibration training – I’m always busy!

What is the most rewarding aspect of working here?

Helping people reach their targets, seeing how happy people are is great. It can be a challenge but I find the ways that work best for each individual in managing their responsibilities. I also manage four trainers in total and we are always looking at ways to improve processes and results. We invest a lot in people here, and we care about our their development and skill sets.

What makes Utilitywise Prague different as a workplace?

What I appreciate is the family approach at Utilitywise Prague. If you work at a competitor you are a number, but Helen (Managing Director), Mark (Site Director), the team leaders and supervisors, gear everything towards the employee. I was a sales director in Poland and the approach to the employee and organisation is completely different. Here people care and find out what you need to succeed. We are really focussed on creating a successful environment for all our team.

You have done several different roles in your time at Utilitywise Prague, is that normal?

It is, because Utilitywise Prague wants you to have a career and not just a job. It’s easy to move horizontally to other projects so you can try sales, research, customer communication, lead generation and Utilitywise Prague generally promotes from within. I see from the people coming to Utilitywise Prague that they are excited to get to work with big brands so this is also a benefit to a career.

What is the management team like?

They are very easy to talk to. Utilitywise Prague encourages openness and honesty, and the key differentiator here is the clear line of communication to the management team above me. Ideas and discussion are always encouraged, and because people are always listening changes and improvements can happen quickly.

How do you find the work/life balance?

It’s one of the biggest advantages, Utilitywise Prague has a lot of functions and no one is expected to live just for work. I love my job but there is life after work and living in Prague is amazing. There are realistic expectations – communication is one thing but the understanding is another. The salaries here are above the Prague average and will enable you to have a comfortable life. Your tax documents and full health insurance are all made by Utilitywise Prague , so it is really simple once you are accepted for a position.

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